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Als je terugschakelt naar de standaardmodus, gaan de instellingen in de expertmodus verloren!
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Choose your dog`s breed. If you do not know it, please choose ”Unbekannt” (=Unknown). In case of a crossbreed, choose “Mischling” (=crossbreed).

Most breeds have the same energy requirement, only of a couple of breeds it is scientifically known that they have a significant higher or a little lower energy requirement.

The dog`s age mostly has a relation to the animal`s activity level. But that not only depends on age and therefore can be different from the standard qualification.

Puppies: Please input the weight the dog will have as an adult animal.

Dogs 1-2 years: In this age bracket dogs tend to have a higher activity, therefore the range of the potential calorie requirement is higher.

Dogs 3-7 years: That is the age bracket for full grown dogs who not already should be classified as a senior dog.

Dogs above 7 years: When coming a senior your dog will get slower and its need for activity will getting lesser. Should your dog have an age over 7 please check if you would classify it - according to it`s activity - as a senior dog. If the activity level is normal and not specific to a senior dog please choose the age bracket of 3-7 years.

Please input the dog`s current body weight. In the case of puppies please input the weight, your dog will have as a full grown animal.

If your dog is over- or underweight, then input here the dog`s ideal weight. In that case the feeding recommandation will include a small adjustment in order to reach the target weight over some time.

Most dogs have a normal activity. Please only choose s higher activity level when your dog really has an over-average activity.

Snacks: Please enter how many snacks (measures in gram per day) you feed daily.

Sides: Please enter the estimated weight of all kinds of sides that you add to your dog`s food. Examples of sides are: flakes, potatoes, rice, apples and other vegetables

In cold temperatures the body of the dog needs more energy to compensate this. The amount of additional energy depends on the fur`s thickness and other factors.

When calculating the feeding recommendation, we allow for this influence on the basis of the number of hours that the dog stays in cold surroundings. Only a temperature below 15 degree Celsius (= 59-degree Fahrenheit) counts as a cold surrounding.

Example: In the winter the dog is daily for one hour outside, the temperature is -5 degree Celsius. Please enter in the field hours the number 1 (for one hour) and in the temperature field the value -5.

Snacks are part of the daily food and have to be included when calculating the feeding requirement. You can estimate the snacks quantity by estimating how long it takes to use up one package of snacks.

Example: Every week you feed one package of snacks. Each package contains 70 gram. You can enter that you feed daily 10g of snacks.

Note:  Without any further information, the calories of the fed snacks are calculated with a standard value. You have the possibility to determine this value more exactly by choosing the fed snacks. For this purpose, you will find a list of all Anifit snacks.

The Anifit meals have quite different recipes. Therefore, some varieties are richer in energy and some are especially light. For the basic calculation of the food requirement, we use a mixture of the various meals.

In the expert mode, you can register the daily fed animal meals to have a more precise calculation of the feeding requirement. To do that please enter the quantities that you feed over a longer period. Based on these inputs an average value is calculated.

Example: You feed five different meals, every flavour always for one week. In that case, you can input these five meals and define the relation as “1”. As each flavour has the same quantity, an arithmetic mean is calculated out of these five meals.

Example: You always feed 24 cans of meal “1” and 12 cans of meal “2”. In that case, you register meal “1” with a value of 24 and meal “2” with a value of 12.





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Based on your inputs we calculated this range of Anifit-food for your dog. Please start by feeding with the lower value and increase the volume if necessary. Slowly and carefully you will reach the amount of food that your animal really needs.

The daily feeding requirement shows the necessary „metabolizable“ energy of the food that your dog normally needs. The tolerance of the calculation is relatively large, the only way to find the correct food-quantity is by paying attention to the animal’s needs.

General note: The following factors influence the daily food requirement but are not part of the calculation:

•    General ability of the body, to metabolize the food
•    General organic deficiencies that lead in poorly metabolized food.
•    Current infestation with worms or other parasites that consume part of the food
•    Environmental conditions (other animals, humans, temperature, provided living space)
•    Mental condition of the animal

Snacks cover more than 10 % of the daily energy requirement. Please choose snacks that are rich of proteins and a low carbohydrates-value.

Snacks deliver more than 20 % of the daily energy requirement. Please take care of a balanced diet for your animal that includes all vitamins and minerals.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: De berekening van de voedingsportie is gebaseerd op internationale aanbevelingen, maar kan afwijken van de dagelijkse behoefte van uw dier omdat het praktisch onmogelijk is om alle parameters in de berekening te verzamelen. Let op het gewicht van het dier en neem contact met ons op als er bijzonderheden zijn.