Feed Change Box Optimal product mix for changing feed

Feed Change Box 400g (1 Product mix for changing feed)
Feed Change Box 400g (1 Product mix for changing feed)
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Size Price/Base weight Selling price
200g, 1 Product mix for changing feed 70.38 €
400g, 1 Product mix for changing feed 79.74 €
810g, 1 Product mix for changing feed 100.41 €
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Dogs’ bodies need time to adapt to a new food. The greater the difference between old and new feed, the longer the adaptation period. For animals with a sensitive stomach and when changing from dry food to normal food (wet food), we recommend a particularly gentle procedure.

To make it easier for your dog and at the same time to avoid conversion reactions, we have prepared a food change pack. This consists of only one, particularly digestible, type of feed, a grain-free, supplement-free supplement and a support for the intestinal flora and the immune system.

In detail, the pack consists of:

200 g pack:
12 cans of the variety “Gockels Duett” 200g
1 pack of Potato Flakes 800g
1 pack of Power Darm
1 pack of Chicken Hearts 35g
1 Nutrition Guide
1 sample pack of “Vegetable Mix
1 sample pack of “Venison Snack

400 g pack:
Like the 200g pack but with 400g cans

810 g pack:
Like the 200g pack but with 810g cans and with 2 bags of potato flakes 800g

Conversion period

Normally, a careful feed conversion can be completed within four to eight days without any effects.



Read the instructions provided with the specific product.

Analytical components

Read the instructions provided with the specific product.

Feeding recommendation

There are several methods to slowly introduce a dog to the new food. In the following we propose two variants:

a) Slowly reducing the old feed
In the conversion phase, you mix the old feed with the new feed. Start with maximum 25 % of the new feed and increase this proportion daily until you have completed the feed conversion. As a side dish, add approx. 1/4 of potato flakes to the “Gockels Duet” dish. For example, 80 grams of “Gockels Duet” and 20 grams of potato flakes. We recommend soaking the potato flakes to ease digestion.

b) No more feeding with the old feed
Feed half potato flakes and half “Gockels Duett”. Gradually increase the proportion of our fresh meat feed and reduce the proportion of potato flakes. We recommend soaking the potato flakes to ease digestion.

It is important in both variants that you are already on the first day and then over the next two to four weeks at every meal also add the intestinal flora-strengthening “Power Darm”. This leads to a rapid strengthening of the intestinal flora and a targeted relief during the changeover. The dosage of Power Darm can be found printed on the product, it depends on the body weight of the dog. The intestinal flora bears the main burden of our immune defence for a large number of microorganisms and is constantly weakened by environmental influences – as well as deworming and antibiotics.

Feed quantity

When the conversion is complete, be guided by the following feeding recommendation regarding the amount of Gockels Duett:

Dogs weighing up to 5 kg: 200 g
Dogs weighing up to 25 kg: 400 g
Dogs weighing up to 40 kg: 810 g
Dogs weighing over 40 kg: 810 g + addition of flakes
Dogs weighing over 50 kg: 1,200 g + addition of flakes

For a detailed calculation of the amount of feed, use the Anifit Feed Calculator. http://futter.anifit.com

Please watch your animal in regard to the amount of potato flakes added. Is it getting tired? Does it have a preference for this side dish? The need for flakes as a side dish is different in dogs and can only be determined by observation. However, if your animal should increase its weight above the normal weight, then first reduce the added flakes.

You are not alone in the feed conversion!

Your Anifit consultant will accompany you and will be happy to advise you on the calculation of the right amount of feed or discuss with you the best procedure for changing the feed for you.


Product information

Combo pack:
Available in 200g, 400g, 810g size

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